Fall Food Roundup

Fall Food Roundup

Sunday, August 18, 2019, 12:00 AM

Location: Cypress Baptist, 4701 Palmetto Rd, Benton, LA US 71006

Louisiana Baptist Churches have provided non-perishable groceries, paper products, and cleaning supplies through our annual Fall Food Roundup since the early 1900's. In just four weeks, LBCH cottage dads and staff drive across the state, stop at about 450 church collection points, and pick up about twenty U-Haul truck loads of items. God works through these cooperative efforts to provide the non-perishable food needs for the Children's Home for an entire year! Money received from the Roundup is used to purchase milk, bread, eggs, meat, and fresh produce needed throughout the year. Items for donation can be brought to Cypress any Sunday morning or Wednesday evening to be dropped off in the main foyer by September 18.

Aluminum Foil/Saran Wrap
Baked Beans
Baking Powder/Soda
Bathroom Tissue, Facial Tissue
*BBQ Sauce
Body Wash
*Bottled Juice (Org/Apple/Grape/Fruit Punch)
Brownie Mix, Cake Mixes & Icing
Canned Chicken
Canned Vegetables (Butter/Lima/Pinto/Red
Beans; Black-Eyed/Field/Purple Hull Peas; Turnip Greens)
*Cereal (Children’s Brands)
Chili w/o Beans
Chicken Broth
*Cleaning Supplies & Disinfectant Spray
Bathroom/Kitchen/Furniture Polish)
Clorox Bleach & Wipes
Cocoa Powder
Condensed & Evaporated Milk
Cookies & Cookie Mix
Cooking Oil & Crisco Shortening
Corn Meal & Flour (Plain/Self-rising)
Crackers (Ritz/Saltines)
Deodorant (men/*ladies)
*Dishwasher Detergent
*Flavors (Almond/Lemon/Vanilla)
Freezer Bags (Qt. & Gal.)
*Fruit (Canned)
Gravy Mixes
Green Chiles
Grits (Regular/Instant)
Hair Spray
Hand Soap/Sanitizer
Instant Pie Filling (Chocolate/Vanilla)
*Jell-O Pie Filling/Pudding
Jelly/Jam (*Apple/Grape/Strawberry)
Jiffy Cornbread Mix
*Laundry Detergent (HE-Liquid), Dryer Sheets
Muffin Mixes
Mushrooms (Canned/Bottled)
*Oatmeal (Instant)
Onion Soup Mix
Pam Cooking Spray
*Paper Towels
Parmesan Cheese
Peanut Butter (Smooth & Crunchy)
*Pickles & Relish (Dill/Sweet)
Pie Fillings (Canned/*Peach)
Pop Tarts
*Potatoes (Boxed & Instant)
Rice (Instant) & Boxed Dinners
*Salad Dressings (Ranch/Italian/1000 Island)
Sauces (Alfredo/Enchilada)
Soups (Variety/Cream of Chicken/Mushroom)
Soy & Teriyaki Sauce
*Spaghetti Sauce
*Spices (Allspice/Black Pepper/Garlic/Lemon
Pepper/Nutmeg/Onion Powder)
Spray ‘n Wash
Stove Top Stuffing
*Sugar (Regular, Brown & Powdered)
Syrup (Chocolate/Pancake/White Karo)
Taco Seasoning
Tea (Regular/*Decaf)
Tomatoes (Diced/Stewed/Rotel)
Tomato Sauce/Paste
*Tony Chachere’s Seasoning
*Velveeta Cheese
Vinegar (Apple Cider & White)
Worcestershire Sauce

*Much Needed Items.


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