Where are you located?

We are located in Benton 6 miles north of I-220 on Airline Drive/Palmetto. Rd.

What is the Field House?

The Field House is where our High School Student Ministry activities such as Sunday School and Midweek services take place. In our high-energy Field House, you will find things like video games, pool, ping pong, hacky sack, gaga ball, basketball and more! We usually have food, too. :) So what's the Field House? It's where every High Schooler wants to be!

What schools do students come from?

We mainly have students from every school in the North Bossier region, including Benton High, Airline High, private schools, and homeschoolers.

What do you offer for High School students on the weekend?

What do you offer for Middle School students on the weekend? 

What do you offer students during the week? 

We offer large group worship gatherings in the Field House for high school and in the gym for Middle School every Wednesday night. We get started at 6:15 and end t 7:15pm. It's a night of high energy fun, music, friends, food, and a challenging message from our speaker.

Do you ever come to my school's campus?

We're on campus every week either speaking at a campus club, serving food or drinks to a team, or just there to meet with a teacher or coach. If you would like for one of us to speak to your campus club, simply send us an email with all the information.

What if I want to help?

We're glad you came to us and asked! That's why we're here! Simply get in touch with us ..

How can I get involved?

Great question. Glad you asked. Shoot us an email through our staff page. There are many avenues for students and adults to get involved. Check out the volunteer links here and here.