Sunday School Classes

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Sunday School Classes


Cypress Baptist is a growing church in a growing part of Northwest Louisiana. We love getting to know new families! Sunday School classes are our way of keeping our growing church feeling like a small, intimate church.
Sunday School is where you will connect with others. Each class is designed to disciple, encourage and enable members to enjoy life together.
There are many classes to choose from-both during the 9:15 & 10:45 hour-to complement the worship service you choose. We know you will find one just right for you. Sunday School is where community happens at Cypress...come join us!



Matthew & Pearce

Time | Wednesday, 9:15am - 10:30am

Location | 4701 Palmetto Rd. Benton LA 71006

Leader | John Bodine,

Childcare | Yes

Like our other young married classes, this is a wonderful class taught by outstanding teachers. This class is designed to reach families with young children or couples who do not yet have kids. If you are engaged or newly married, this is a class that would be perfect for you. Meet in Room 214 in the Education Building.