Crazy Love

    11.12.18 | Resources | Middle School | by Francis Chan

    God is love.  Crazy, relentless, all-powerful love.  Have you ever wondered if we're missing it? It's crazy, if you think about it. The God of the universe—the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles, galaxies and...


      11.12.18 | Resources | Middle School | by David Platt

      What is Jesus worth to you?It's easy for American Christians to forget how Jesus said his followers would actually live, what their new lifestyle would actually look like. They would, he said, leave behind security, money, convenience, even...

        Counterfeit Gods

        11.12.18 | Resources | Middle School | by Timothy Keller

        Success, true love, and the life you've always wanted. Many of us placed our faith in these things, believing they held the key to happiness, but with a sneaking suspicion they might not deliver. No wonder we feel lost, alone, disenchanted, and...

          Wholly Kids

          07.19.18 | Resources | Preschool | by Lifeway Kids

          Helping leaders and parents understand child development just got a whole lot easier! Wholly Kids is an easy-to-read book full of fun illustrations and details about how kids learn. Newly updated with the Levels of Biblical Learning and Bible...

            Parenting in the Pew

            07.19.18 | Resources | Preschool | by Robbie Castleman

            "Daddy, I'd like you to meet my children." That's Robbie Castleman's attitude about taking her children to church. She believes that Sunday morning isn't a success if she has only managed to keep the kids quiet. And she knows there's more to...